The trick to be interested in eating fruit

Someone who is more choose healthy foods, such as fruits and vegetables, will havetremendous advantages. If it is presented in the form of fruits that interest will temptanyone who wants a to eat it.

Grapes (Pixabay)
Not a few of us are still reluctant to eat fruits as frequently as possible. If ignored, you certainly won't feel its benefits because the fruit is rich in vitamins, minerals and nutrients our body needs.

In a study, researchers involving 112 respondents to obtain information on healthy eating behaviors. His findings, when the fruit is inserted into a bowl or served in a Cafewill look more interesting, than should be stored in the refrigerator. Researchersrecorded the time of fruit served in a bowl as a salad, they are tempted to eat.

"A Healthy Diet will be easy to do by way of changing the look of the dish of fruits in the form of an interesting salad," said Researcher Brian Wansink of Cornell University,reported by Timesofindia, Monday (4/5/2015).

This also applies as school kids who don't like to drink white milk rather than milkchocolate. Investigators never made white milk more attractive in presentation and used as a combination of unique drinks.

May 04, 2015

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