5 things you might not know it from the couple

Openness and honesty is an important element in the success of a relationship.However, both these elements often seems lost in a tangle of romance.

This is apparent by the number of couples who do not know a few things from their partner. Of course, this can be disastrous for your relationship. Here are five things you should know are not generally of the couple.

1. financial

Money is a little sensitive when it should be discussed with the couple. That is whymany couples who do not want to open up and tell their finances. However, for the sake of continuity of a relationship, discuss finances certainly is very importantespecially if you are in a relationship of a long trend. Because however, enough moneywas instrumental in the smooth running of a relationship. So, don't be afraid to tellyour finances with your partner. Isn't it a good relationship was supposed to openeach other?

5 things you might not know it from the couple
5 things you might not know it from the couple (Doc. Vamshare)
2. Health

Health issues is actually quite important when you are in a relationship. However, many people especially men tend to hide and don't like to admit about the condition of their health. They didn't want health problems known by others including their spouse. They even prefer to pretend well when they have a health problem.

3. The inconvenience

Each person must have had an uncomfortable feeling in their lives. And generally, they don't want to tell him to mate. Women often feel uncomfortable about your weight or worry about body odor. While men are always anxious about penis size and their finances. If you feel it, you should discuss it with your partner. Memberitakukan your discomfort to couples would be better and can help eliminate worries.

4. Sexual fantasies

Sex life or sexual fantasies you might be good only if you own pendam. If you becomean open pair and share Your sex life will be, it will be much more fun. If your partnerthinks you are his best friend, as she will be frank and open, they also want to know what's on your mind, especially in ururan in bed.

5. Relations

Many couples do not want to open and tend to hide who they touch other than infamily environment. They don't even want to tell the contents of the message that is intheir social media such as email, Facebook, Twitter and other social networks. If he still doesn't give info about his friends, or other relationships that he's with you, other thanthe community it means you need to find out for yourself without your knowledge.This does not mean you become a stalker, but it is best for you and your relationship.

May 06, 2015

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