5 High CPM Advertising Programs For Blog

CPM (Cost per Thousand Impression) based mostly  advertisements area unit great way to earn financial gain along with your web log. CPM advertising pays you per impressions of ad. a sway suggests that one instance of ad showing on your web log which implies that albeit your readers aren't clicking on your web log CPM Ads, then conjointly you're about to be paid. tho' if you place CPM ads at a distinguished position, this can guarantee higher financial gain supply for you.

You might realize the provide terribly appealing however usually CPM Ads area unit for the bloggers WHO get smart traffic. If you're driving traffic over thousands guests per day then you'll be able to get smart quantity from CPM Ads. usually a CPM network pays you $1 to $3 per thousand impressions.

Burst Media

Burst Media solely approve the blogs having twenty five,000 monthly page views or five,000 monthly distinctive views. they supply completely different ad formats like scroll banners, leader boards, building and pop-ups with completely different size. Minimum payout is $50 and that they pay you thru cheque or Paypal.

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Tribal Fusion

Tribal Fusion need minimum of five hundred,000 distinctive users per month. once I verified their web site needs for publishers, I found it too be terribly strict. with the exception of that, their minimum payout is $50 in internet revenue. They pay you with check through mail. So far, social group fusion is one amongst the most effective CPM network out there. entering into social group fusion is that the toughest of all. however if you get lucky enough, you'll be able to build vast financial gain from social group fusion alone.

ValueClick Media

Value Click Media is another CPM network which needs three,000 impressions per month for obtaining the web log approved. Even they need completely different size and kinds of advertisements like CPX network. The minimum payout valuable Click Media is $25 and that they pay through cheque and PayPal. worth click media could be a smart various for those that can’t get into social group fusion or Technorati media.


Technorati offers you completely different ad pictures format. Minimum payout criteria is $20. they provide you four forms of payment that's PayPal, account credit, check or wired transferred. we have a tendency to had some smart expertise with Tecnorati media and people WHO get into premium list of Technorati media, claimed that it’s operating nice for them. entering into Technoratimedia isn't as robust as social group fusion. tho' you would possibly not fancy the dashboard of Technoratimedia and support of it. however none the less, it’s one amongst the most effective CPM ad network that you'll be able to attempt as an alternate to social group fusion.

CPX Interactive

CPX interactive is a commercial network that provides ads in numerous size and kinds of advertisements like banner (468×60), leader board (728×90), Skyscraper, Pop-ups etc. you'll be able to choose the one that suits your wants and mix along with your web log layout. CPX interactive minimum payout is internet thirty, $50 and that they have hour payout share.

April 30, 2015

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